Damani is a combined Real Life/Second Life company, that is constantly reinventing itself, while keeping one thing a priority; delivering quality.

After years of being active in Second Life, we have built up a large expertise in all aspects involved in creating a 'virtual presence'. From the do's and don'ts, when introducing a business, to the tiny technical aspects of the Second Life world and mechanics. Now we like to share that knowledge and expertise to make your presence in Second Life a memorable one.

Damanios Thetan


Damanios is a long time resident of Second Life® and has gathered vast experience in designing, texturing, scripting and building.

He started in march 2004, by creating simple furniture and scripted vehicles, and started selling these under the damani label. Over time he built damani into a widely recognized Second Life® brand. You will find his products all over the grid, from prefabricated housing to animated animals, full functional cars and even complete weather systems. Many of these inventions and products can be found, experienced and purchased in Damania, a showcase of his work.

Over time Damanios used his talents and experience in becoming an independent developer, doing custom projects for both individuals and companies, reaching from simple content jobs to full simwide projects involving complex scripted functionality.

Nowadays the damani brand has a large portfolio, covering most of the aspects of a virtual presence.

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