What we offer

Damani offers a wide selection of products and services to facilitate and make your virtual fantasies come alive. With almost 3 years of experience in creating content for virtual worlds, from small products to large projects covering multiple servers, damani has the knowledge to know to make your wishes possible.
We have experience in multiple areas of content development, allowing us to take on any aspect that is required to make a project work:

Technical Consultancy

We know our way around Second Life® and we know our way around media software and content development. And we know what works in SL™. We can tell you what's possible and how to make it possible. Damani has been a succesful business in Second Life® for years in both product development and project development.

Next to that we have a wide network of contacts, both in world as outside of Second Life®, to get your message out. Second Life® is more than a platform, it's a community. We know the platform, but more importantly, we know the community.


We can create any 'primbased' structure, from small critters to simsize buildings. Creativity and originality is guaranteed, but we know where the pitfalls are and how to work in a no-nonsense way. We will tell you what can be done, how it can be done efficiently and tell you how much time and effort it will cost.


Damani has extensive experience and a large collection of in house content to create the graphics, videos and textures to fit your need, using the latest tools available.

We can offer:

  • conversion of existing content to fit the Second Life® standards and models
  • totally new content and graphics based on what you want, fitting any scene or idea
  • realistic graphics.
  • consistent look and athmosphere and experience.

Scripting / Software development

Making things interactive is what makes the difference between a 3d object and an experience. We offer full developer/scripting services, from external website integration in both PHP and .NET, to complex scripted objects or vehicles in LSL, Second Life®'s own scripting language.

Damani has knowledge to build:

  • vehicles
  • dynamically moving objects (creatures/animals)
  • landscape effects
  • complex interactive systems, including those using external server solutions
  • video, audio and web integration

Creative partners

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