Kittenz II

They walk, they run, they sleep, they sit, they rest, they purr, they follow, they play, they eat, they scratch...

Kittenz II is the most realistic cat in SL to date. She's only 9 (sculpted) prims, and moves and behaves like a real kitten.
Instead of a 'dead' object, which you need to command. Kittenz will run, sit, sleep and move around independently, respond to avies around, to other kittenz and to toys or objects.

So what can she do?

  • she's only 9 prims, but fully realistically sculpted and textured, with built in 'cuteness' ;)
  • she moves her ears, head, tail, paws and eyes
  • she mews and purrs when you pet it, and makes other sounds, depending on the situation
  • she can walk and run randomly, come or follow you or any other selected avie, or go randomly to avies, bumping her head against you and purr, asking for attention
  • she has realistic walking, so not the weird floating/walk most critters in SL do, but she will actually follow the ground
  • she can sit, lie, sleep, rest on her side when petted
  • she will play with its toys, eat from her food bowl, if filled or use her scratch pole if she's around one.
  • she will be mostly autonomous, choosing her own behavior, depending on where she is, what's around her, and how tired she is
  • she's fully menu controllable
  • she can be centered and set to walk around in small ranges upto complete parcels
  • all sounds can be disabled when inconvenient



The kittenz have a lot of accessories which they really use.






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