Damani MediaPRO Viewer


The MediaPRO Viewer is especially made for the office and education market.
It offers the same ease of use as the consumer damani mediaviewer. But it's extended and optimized to use in a professional environment, like a conference center, company HQ, education center or shop etc.
Or to simply be destributed to your clients, customers, employees or students.

What makes it PRO:

Full Mixed Media Presentation support (notecard)
Create multimedia persentations by mixing all kinds of media types (on notecards), which can be simply shared and dropped.
- Simply put a list of preferred items on a notecard, give the notecard a name and drop it in the viewer.
- Use all kinds of different media in a single presentation or show:
·     Web pages
·     Pictures from the web, flickr or picasa
·     SL Textures
·     Quicktime or mp4 videos
·     YouTube videos
·     RSS feeds
·     Audio Streams
·     Formatted Text
·     PDF's
etc. etc.
- Share and view presentations in notecards with interested parties in and outside of Second Life.
- All notecards are automatically shown as a category, simply click to select the notecard, then select the item you want to see.
- Make multilevel showcases or presentations, by simply linking notecards to notecards.

PDF document support
- Simply load any multipage PDF document and presentation from the web in the viewer
- Automatically see all pages as thumbnails, select the right page or flip from page to page
- Ideal to quickly add and view manuals, brochures, presentations, magazines in SL without a fuss
- Only convert your presentations once for distribution on paper, on the web and in SL.

Full customization
Customize everything to fit your use or location!
- Customize the media texture (show your logo when the system is off, no more conflicts with existing equipment)
- Customize the frame (choice of over 15 different looks, or create a look all yourself. (An example template for the buttons is provided.)
- Customize backgrounds of presentation lists, and views when viewing your custom content or items.

Media KIOSK: Make the viewer into your showcase or information hub:
- Possibility to configure  the Damani MediaPRO Viewer to be used as a showcase center, or information hub.
- It will only show and allow the user to select the content you want.

- Easy setup.

Full RSS feed support
- Show your news items, upcoming events etc. simply.
- With image support, click through and multiple pages.
- All RSS support (ATOM, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0)
- Eventful and Google calendar compatible (simply list all your upcoming SL events in SL by adding 1 eventful url!)

Enhanced full Google search
- Just click, type your search query and select from the results
- Just click through to see the web page on the screen

Full autoplaylist support

- Repeatable playlists of textures, videos, texts, urls, pictures etc. etc. ideal for self running demos
- Simply select any notecard and press the play button... that's all

Professional support & custom solutions available
Don't want your media or presentation in SL be controlled by a guy in a basement?
- Backed up by a professional company and fully registered LL solution provider
- Full privacy and copyright support. ( IP infringement protection, and we don't sell your data)
- Professional custom development is possible. Get your own custom viewer for competitive prices, including easy management access to your media library.
- Full media library system, feature requests for new media streams, videos, and any content can be performed within minutes, not days

Lifetime updates & bugfixes without having to change 100s of items

- All major code is server based, and your viewer will gain new options and bugfixes without you having to do anything! (Hosted application)
- Free liftetime updates


And the stuff you know:

Of course it has all the options of the consumer version, except where this would be inappropriate for a professional orgnization:

Full YouTube from the screen
- Easy search, just click, type some keywords, and select the video from the thumbnails ;)
- Current feeds: day 1 feeds of most popular, top rated, most viewed etc. youtube videos
- Categories: a selection of common youtube categories.

- Support for channels, users, groups
- Easy search, just click, type some keywords, and select the video from the thumbnails ;)

Educational videos from the masters in their field.
- Display and select videos in on several themes
- Search for any video/theme/speaker
- HTTP compatible when using http direct

Streaming Channels
educational and fun channels
- SL related: Treet.TV (SLCN), SL Tutorial videos, TorleyVision, Metanomics
- Educational: Nasa.tv,
- Fun: America Free TV

Classic Movies
- Over 50 feature length classic movies
- Collection growing every day
- Categorized, including info and easy search.

Audio stream support + Shoutcast
- Direct audio stream recognition
- ALL shoutcast streams! 10000+ music stations in all genres
- Short Genre list, simply click the genre you like, and then select one of the streams by clicking on it
- Long Genre list, for more specific music genres. Over 100 genres to select from
- Full search support, just click, type your favorite station name, and click to select

Pictures / Slideshow
- Just drop your SL pictures from inventory into the player, they will automatically be shown as a list of thumbnails
- Press 'play' for an automatic slideshow or an individual pic for direct display.
- You can now insert 100s of pictures without issue
- Use the >>| and |<< to page through multiple pages of pictures
- Slideshows can be started by pressing play. The slideshow viewer supports fades and transitions (switchable in settings)

Bookmark support
- See something you like on the screen? Simply press the 'star' button and make it into a bookmark
- Bookmarks are personal or system based, and can be played on any viewer out or on a specific viewer. Simply play your favorite videos/streams/pictures at friends or on another viewer
- Bookmarks are server stored, so, even if you delete and rez your player somewhere else, your bookmarks will be there.

- Easy setup: The system will automatically recognize when it needs to be deeded and will show step by step instructions.
- Full onscreen help
- Multiple access levels, easily settable: just click settings, choose access and set your preferred access level
- Automatic play, simply touch or come close to the player to activate it. Configurable through settings
- Full chat command support on configurable channel



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