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  • 2013
    • October
      • Damani Mediaplayers down
        Sadly, we're suffering from a server crash, causing all mediaviewers to no longer function.
        We are working hard to restore functionality, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • 2010
    • December
      • Winter time at Damania and Elonia

        Winter has come to Damania and Elonia, and we have special things waiting for you! Including a wonderful free seasonal gift.

        Damani WeatherSystem deLuxe - Free 'Filigree Butterfly' gift
        The Damani WeatherSystem deLuxe is the absol

    • March
      • SL, Youtube and you

        UPDATE: Youtube is now working on all mediaviewers!

        After getting many responses that people really didn't like the flash viewer options, and didn't mind me taking the risk. I have decided to let you make the choice yourself:

        Either activate 'Youtube

  • 2009
    • November
      • After months, a new house: The Bellmare
        It has been rezzed on my work platform for months, while I was busy with 1001 other things.
        Luckily, the last few days I went through the pain of finishing it up, putting it into a rezzer, and making it available for sale.

        So here it is, the Bellmare...

  • 2008
    • November
      • Damani MediaViewer

        A few days ago I released a mediaviewer for SL.

        So, first question... with the 3 zillion media players already in SL...WHY?

        Well, because SL now allows a lot more stuff to be done with external servers, media and prims.

        So, second question... what stuff?

  • 2007
    • November
      • Weather System v2
        It's been a while since a last update, but meanwhile we've been very busy with developing a new version of the weather system.

        So what does the v2 version got that the v1 version doesn't?

        New weather effects:
        1. blood rain, including special clou

    • April
      • The Ghotik Mansion
        A week or so ago, Damani released a new prefab, the "Ghotik Mansion"

        Based on old english manors, the ghotik mansion is a big 2 floor open dwelling, with archways and staircases.
        The house is not made to be low prim or as a first house, a lot of time has been s

      • Damani featured on secondlife.com main page
        Since a while already, one of the rotating pictures, shown when going to the Second Life homepage has been the Damania sim.

        By the way, if anybody recognizes her (or himself) as the angel shown in the picture, please send me a mail or comment. I'll put in a free damani roadste


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