Damani MediaViewer

General information

The viewer supports:

- easy search, just click, type some keywords, and select the video from the thumbnails ;)
- current feeds: day 1 feeds of most popular, top rated, most viewed etc. youtube videos
- categories: a selection of common youtube categories.


- channels, users, groups
- easy search, just click, type some keywords, and select the video from the thumbnails ;)

Classic Movies
- Over 40 full feature length classic movies
- Collection growing every day
- Categorized, including info and easy search.

- display and select videos in on several themes
- search for any video/theme/speaker
- http compatible when using http direct

Full streaming Video channels
- Treet.TV (SLCN)
- TorleyVision
- Metaversed
- America Free TV (10 different free tv/movie channels)
- Nasa TV

Adult Videos - Porn hub, Tube8, XVideos, PornRabbit
- 20000+ videos
- 100 categories of videos
- easy tag search
- easy search
(remember to activate 'adult items' in settings to see adult items!)

- ALL shoutcast streams! 10000+ music stations in all genres
- Short Genre list, simply click the genre you like, and then select one of the streams by clicking on it
- Long Genre list, for more specific music genres. Over 100 genres to select from
- Full search support, just click, type your favorite station name, and click to select

- full google search support, just click, type your search query and select from the results

show flickr pictures directly in SL
- search for users, groups, and tags, and fulltext

Pictures / Slideshow
- Just drop your SL pictures from inventory into the player, they will automatically be shown as a list of thumbnails
- Press 'play' for an automatic slideshow or an individual pic for direct display.
- You can now insert 100s of pictures without issue
- Use the >>| and |<< to page through multiple pages of pictures
- Slideshows can be started by pressing play. The slideshow viewer supports fades and transitions (switchable in settings)

Notecards support
- Simply put a list of preferred urls on a notecard, give the notecard a name and drop them in the player
- All notecards are automatically shown as a category, simply click to select the notecard, then select the stream
- Full youtube url support, including automatic thumbnails of your selection
(Notecards with freeview and slcn provided)

Bookmark support
- See something you like on the screen? Simply press the 'star' button and make it into a bookmark
- Bookmarks are personal or system based, and can be played on any viewer out or on a specific viewer. Simply play your favorite videos/streams/pictures at friends or on another viewer
- Bookmarks are server stored, so, even if you delete and rez your player somewhere else, your bookmarks will be there.

Direct url input
- Simply click, type in the url, and it's loaded up
- Now supports copy paste of all youtube/dailymotion/xvideos etc. directly

- Press the play button on any selection/notecard/search etc. list and all videos will be automatically played without breaks.

9 Appearances

- The viewer now allows you to select 9 different appearances through the settings menu, from multiple colours to wood finishes
- You can switch of the floating text in settings
- New fade effect on actions. You can switch of the fade effect in settings if you don't want it.

- Easy setup: The system will automatically recognize when it needs to be deeded and show step by step instructions.
- Full onscreen help
- Multiple access levels, easy settable: just click settings, choose access and set your preferred access level
- Automatic play, simply touch or come close to the player to activate it. Configurable through settings
- Full chat command support on configurable channel
- Server based architecture, fast, reliable, always up to date. (Fixes/updates are available on the fly)



Second Life and SL are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. Damani is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.