Damani Weather System deLuxe
General Help


The weather system uses particles. Particles will not be stopped by roofs or walls. This means it can cause snow or rain inside houses. To fix it raining/snowing inside buildings, simply move the individual emitters by selecting: Options->show emitters, and repositioning the emitter like any other object. This will fine-tune the precipitation to fall only in the places you want it to fall. Further, you can touch individual emitters to adjust them so particles do not fall inside buildings. When you touch an emitter, it will flash a 'height factor'. The height factor is a setting which allows you to change the length of the precipitation falls. The lower the height factor the shorter the precipitation. On the shortest length, the precipitation (particles) will not reach the ground. Simply touch and hold an emitter to adjust the height factor. The system will remember the moved emitter positions when you rerez. but will not remember height factor settings.


The necessary steps to make the system run, will be shown in an info dialog box, as soon as you rez it.

  • Rez the system (it should have been given to you by touching the sales box)
  • Place it in the middle of the area where you want the weather effects.
  • Set the correct area size by clicking the options button then selecting the 'area' option and selecting the correct size.
  • Press the ACTIVE button (top left), to turn the system on and rez the weather controllers.
  • Press the respective weather buttons (middle vertical line, multiple times) to set the weather type and severity

The HUD offers the same functionality/interface as the rezzed control panel. It allows you to change weather anywhere in the sim. Also it allows you to control the system while it's 'hidden'.


All buttons also show the CURRENT STATUS of the specific setting they control.
Most buttons can be pressed multiple times to cycle through the settings. The options menu show what the situation will be AFTER clicking the specific button.



activate / deactivate the system (rezzes/derezzes the emitters). It shows the current status, so pressing 'Active' will turn the system on and off.


show / hide panel: the panel is invisible and phantom, type: /1show to make visible again


Opens a web page with help information.




Press multiple times for three severities of rain:


- moderate rain,

- heavy rain / thunderstorm


Press multiple times three severities of snow:

- light snow

- moderate snow

- heavy snow

Press the: 1 or 2 to vary between two different snow types. (realistic/athmospheric)

Blood Rain

Press multiple times for three severities of rain:

- drizzle

- moderate rain,

- heavy rain / thunderstorm




Press multiple times for three severities of hail:

- light hail

- hail shower

- hailstorm


Press multiple times for three severities of fog:

- morning ground mist

- medium fog

- very thick fog


Press multiple times for three severities of hellfire:

- light hellfire

- medium hellfire storm

- heavy hellfire storm



FX menu:

Tornados and lightening. Add a weather effect to get your storm just perfect.

CLOUDS menu:

  • show/hide: shows hide the clouds
  • cloud height: changes the height of the clouds
  • sunrays on/off: shows sunrays on low levels
  • sun hue: causes the clouds to turn a different hue on sunrise/sunset - sun hue low is 'normal' sun hue high is extreme colouration


  • show/hide: show/hide precipitation effects
  • wind strength: basically sets the amount the wind influences the rain/hail/snow etc.
  • physics: physics on/off show physical effects (WATCH OUT CAN LAG A SIM TO DEATH, USE WITH CARE)


  • show/hide show/hide groundcover effects (snow cover/fog)
  • ground pos: ground cover rezzes on the 'ground' so it will follow the ground curvature
  • system pos: it rezzes on the level of the system. This allows the system to be used on higher platforms, such as a skybox
  • fog color: changes the color of the fog: multiple fixed colour settings, + 'other' : asking color of fog in the model <Red, Green, Blue>, (brackets are necessary). Values between 0 (black) and 1 (full bright).
  • fog density: density setting for fog from: 1 (light) to 10 (very thick), the default is 5

AREA Menu:

  • multiple area selection from 20x20 up to 240x240 (full sim). If using 240x240, rez in middle of sim! Each emitter covers 20x 20. The larger the area covered, the effects are lessened due to SL™ constraints.


  • The system randomly changes weather severity from none to severe.
  • The interval setting sets the time between changes.
  • Type & severity also changes the weather type
  • RL weather option
      • you get options: set location
      • find location - clicking find location will open a web page
      • click ‘set location” then type the postcode into chat
      • the weather location and weather type will hover above the system


  • emitter visible or not
  • sound on/off
  • allow – there are 4 levels of access
    • owner: only owner can control the system
    • group: everybody in same group as system can control the system
    • limited: gives everybody access to the weather buttons only
    • full: gives complete access to everybody
  • temp panel / fixed panel: switch the panel between temp-on-rez (laggier) or 'fixed' (more prim usage). The default is: temp.
  • channel: allows you to set the command channel. The default is 1.
  • report: which will give you a requester with ALL available settings
  • update: the system will check if there an update is available. Further, the system will automatically check for updates when rezzed and/or once a week. If an update is available, it will be sent to you.
  • reset: sets the weather system back to default settings. This INCLUDES removing all knowledge about where emitters were manually placed so use with care.




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