Damani Weather System deLuxe
General information

With the introduction of the Damani deLuxe Weather System, the weather experience in Second Life™ has been taken to a whole new level. If you have ever wanted to experience a blizzard, a tornado, meteors raining down from the sky and much more, then you have been waiting for the Weather System deLuxe.


  • Rain: 3 levels, from a light drizzle to heavy storm
  • Puddles: As it rains puddles are formed and you see the raindrops hitting them.
  • Hail: 3 levels, from some hail to a complete hailstorm
  • Snow: 3 levels, from some snow to heavy snowstorm,
  • Realistic sculpted snow coverage (temp-on-rez) that actually stays on the ground, not costing any prims, improved coverage
  • Full sound effects on all effects, and on coverage (snow steps), switchable, for those moments you want weather but no sound (concerts etc.)
  • Blood rain: 3 levels, from a light drizzle to a complete blood bath, including bloodspatters on the ground
  • Hellfire: 3 levels, from a few fires on the ground, the sky and meteors to complete chaos
  • Thunder and improved lighting, including much improved sound effects
  • Tornadoes
  • Fog: 3 levels, from a low to the ground effect (ground mist) to a very thick “pea soup” fog
  • Clouds that change their density and colour depending on weather and (optionally) hued by time of day
  • Sunrays breaking through the clouds
  • Wind effects, all precipitation can be either still of heavily moving in the wind
  • RL weather display, select any location in the world, and have the weather replicated in SL
  • Highly improved interface and HUD Control, autoconfigures to automatically work with the nearest system
  • Of course, covers from a 20x20m area up to a complete sim! Prepared for multi sim weather in a future (free) update
  • Autorezzing emitters + fully configurable
  • 1 prim base, control panel is autorezzing and temp-on-rez.
  • Auto update, receive lifetime free updates with new options and effects
  • Runing mostly in mono, and where LSL2 is less laggy, uses LSL2, improved performance.
  • and many more features & options...




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