Damani Weather System deLuxe


v2.9 (initial release)
- Contains all features of original system - See info for initial release

- fixed: 'limited' access level was broken
- added: possible to switch panel between 'fixed' and 'temp' using options button/menu
- fixed: added option to have thunder/lightning when clouds are not rendered
- fixed: fade on control has been sped up twice as fast (open space sims were very slow in this)

- fixed: lightning, rain cover, sunrays now work correctly above 768m

- added: precipitation length is now automatically calculated based on height from the base system (or ground). This allows you to set cloudheights of >50m and still have rain
- change: optimized/reduced number of scripts in emitters. Reducing script lag
- added: now has optional groundRezzers which allow you to have complete control on where to have ground effects.
- added: selection of snowsculpts for extra detail + icicles.
- repackaging: now comes in a single package

- added: second snow variation, snow falling snow crystals, which give a nicer/calmer athmosphere as the 'realistic' normal snow
- fixed: bug in emitter scripts, which blocked meteors from functioning in 2.12
- fixed: authorization issue on the 'active' button (was switchable although people weren't allowed), this had no effect on actual control though
- fixed: ground cover rezzing will not be automatically switched on on RL weather mode, if off.

- added: option to copy, delete emitters
- added: option to store emitter patterns
- fixed: script error message on no-sound weather types
- fixed: DDOS attack mechanism on my own server...

- fixed: emitter height setting didn't work correctly

- added: change the colour of fog (in 'ground' menu)
- added: change the density of fog (in 'ground' menu)
- optimized: script performance fog
- added: HUD's now configurable and redistributable (wear once to configure, then give to others)
- fixed: wind off now is completely off
- fixed: scripting error message when using HUD
- fixed: no longer responds to items sending messages on command channel

- fixed: flickering of extra cloud particles below the actual clouds
- fixed: fal length of particles is now saved and retreived when deactivating/activating the system

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