Damani Weather System (deLuxe)

Frequently Asked Questions

If the help refers to 'original', this is the original Weathersystem, if it refers to 'deLuxe' it's the new deLuxe system.


The system is not working!

Did you turn it on?

Regular: The system needs to show 'on' in the left top corner. If it shows off press it, so it shows on.
Deluxe: The system needs to show 'active' without a cross through it the left top corner. If 'active' is crossed out, press it, so it to activate the sytem.



I'm getting a message the system could not rez all emitters, and I have no weather!?

Check the following things:

  • Is the land not owned by the same person who owns the weathersystem? If no:
  • Is the land owned (owner by a group is NOT the same as set to group) by a group, then set the same group tag on the weathersystem
  • Is the land owned by another person: then press the options button and select 'system' (original system), then 'allow'.

When you select 'allow', you take off the parcel restriction checker, and the system will rez. weather on other peoples parcels, if they're within the same
area selection. So it's often better to make the area smaller in this case, or possibly set out more weathersystems to cover 'weird shaped' plots.

Confused? Or don't know what the land is? Then simply click the 'options' button and select 'allow' (or press the 'system' button on the original system and select 'allow')


The system is hidden, how can i make it visible again?

You can make the system visible by typing: /1show in chat.



I accidentily opened the distribution box and copied the contents into inventory, instead of touching it. How can I fix this?


Easy: just rez a prim, and simply drag the "receiveontouch" script from your inventory inside it. Then touch it.



It's raining inside my house, how can I fix this?


Particles are not really objects in SL, just a graphics effect on your computer. This means they sadly know nothing about the environment, like where the ground or a 'prim' is.

It is possible to move the emitters up to prevent rain/snow inside a structure:

Option 1: Moving emitters

  1. Press the options button and select 'visibility' (original system), then 'show emitters'.
    All emitters will now be visible as red blocks.
  2. Move each emitter up just like any other object, using the edit panel and the arrows. Until it no longer rains/snows inside te structure.
  3. You can hold shift while selecting blocks to select multiple emitters, and move them as one item.

The new position of the emitters will actually be automatically stored in the weathersystem. So you can deactivate the system to remove the emitters, and after activating they will be placed in the position you moved them.

Option 2: Shorten the fall length

Touch the emitter to shorten or lengthen the fall length (distance the particles fall)

  • Deluxe System:
    In the menu select 'fall length', and enter a number from 1 to 10 to set the length.
  • Standard System:
    Touch multiple times to cycle though lengths. The current setting will be visible above the emitter.

Option 3: (Permanently) delete emitter (only deLuxe System)

  • Touch the emitter and from the menu select 'delete'.
    The emitter will be deleted, and on deactivating/reactivating the system, it will also not be rezzed anew.


I removed the system, but i still see snow, puddles, fog etc. on the ground. How can I remove these?


A. Make sure you have taken the whole weathersystem (deLuxe model)

Check if you didn't just take the controller (top) part, but deleted the base system too. The bottom part.

If you still see snow, puddles or fog in certail locations after you have deleted the system, make sure you don't have any 'optional groundrezzers' or other weather systems still hidden on your parcel.

  1. Type /1show in chat to reveal these systems. For larger areas, you can also 'shout this'
  2. Look for any weathersystems or ground rezzers which could have been forgotten.
  3. Optionally use the 'beacons' option in the menu, to show 'scripted items'. Hidden weathersystems will show up as red boxes, groundrezzers will show up as a red half sphere, in the middle of the ground effects still visisble.
  4. Delete the previously hidden systems.


I don't see the snow on the ground! How can I fix that?


Snowcover will normally follow the contours of the ground.
If you rez. the system on a higher elevated position (e.g. a skybox), or you have a 'prim based' ground, switch the system to rez. on position of the controller:

  • Press the options button (regular system)
  • Select 'ground'
  • Select 'system pos'


Where do I get the location code for a specific place for real life weather?

Yahoo recently changed their website, making it impossible to retrieve valid codes through the link provided on the weathersystem.

You can go here to retrieve a specific location code which you can then set using the 'set location' button.



Can I use the system in a skybox/up high?


Yes, the system works fine in skyboxes, high locations. There no longer is a limit to the height.



I don't see as many clouds, rain or snow as others do. Or when I use the system, fountains, fires and other particle based systems don't run well.


The weathersystem uses mostly particles for the clouds, rain effects etc. It tries to use the particles as efficiently as possible. Sadly each client is maximized to the number of particles that can
be visible. The better quality graphics card you have, the more particles are visible.

You can change the max. particles in preferences:

  • Go to the graphics tab.
  • Check the 'custom' checkbox
  • Change the 'max particles slider'

As an alternative, to reduce the amount of particles the system is using. You can either select a smaller area of effect. Or you can use the hide/show option of the emitters and delete some of the
emitters in places where you don't directly want weather effects.

Remember particles are client and graphics card dependent. So even if you don't see any effect, other persons with different graphics options will, and vice versa.



I'm getting an error, or I think I discovered a bug, what should I do?


Every complex piece of machinery or software has bugs, we're trying to keep them minimal, and continuously update and fix the system, when bugs are discovered.
Still some could have slipped our attention.

  • First, make sure you're running the latest version. You can check by pressing the options button and selecting system->update.
  • If you're running the latest version, and the problem still persists.
  • Check sim lag, if the sim is very lagged atm, it could cause the issue, because of scripts being slowed down. Try to see if the problem persists in another, less laggy location.
  • If the problem is still there, contact us here, and we'll check out the issue.




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