Damani Weather System (original)
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hover over the buttons on the picture to get quick info on their function.



The weathersystem is using particles. Particles will not be stopped by roofs or walls. This means, it can cause snow or rain inside houses.
To fix it raining/snowing inside buildings, it is possible to simply move the individual emitters by selecting: Options->show emitters, and repositioning like any other object, so the precipitation only falls in the places you want it to fall. The system will remember the moved positions when you rerez. the emitters.


- Rez the system (it should have been given to you by touching the sales box)
- Place it in the middle of the area you want the weather effects
- Set the correct area size by clicking the 'options' button then selecting the 'area' option and selecting the correct size.
- Press the OFF button (top left), to turn the system on and rez the weather controllers.
- Press the respective weather buttons (middle vertical line, multiple times) to set the weather type and severity

All buttons also show the CURRENT STATUS of the specific setting they control. Most buttons can be pressed multiple times to cycle through the settings.
The options menu show what the situation will be AFTER clicking the specific button.



on/off activate / deactivate the system (rezzes/derezzes the emitters). It shows the current status, so pressing 'OFF' will turn the system on.
interval The system randomly changes weather severity (NOT weather type) from none to severe. the interval setting sets the time between changes.
help opens this page with help information


rain press multiple times for three severities of rain:
- drizzle
- moderate rain,
- heavy rain / thunderstorm (the thunderstorm appears not always, you can cycle through the options again if you want it to show)
snow press multiple times three severities of snow:
- light snow
- moderate snow
- heavy snow
cloud height select height of clouds: 15,20,25 or 30m


hail press multiple times for three severities of hail:
- light hail
- hail shower
- hailstorm with thunder (the thunderstorm appears not always, you can cycle through the options again if you want it to show)
fog show fog
options open the options menu (see below)


clouds menu:
- show/hide show/hide clouds
- no sunrays / sunrays show sunray effects on low rain/snow/hail levels
- sunhue low/high/off show a hued cloud depending on time of day (morning sun hue/evening sun hue)

ground menu:
- show/hide show/hide groundcover effects (snowcover/fog)
- system pos rez groundcover at height of weathersystem
- ground pos rez groundcover at (real) ground
- sound on/off: switch of sounds of ground cover

precipitation menu:
- show/hide show/hide precipitation effects (rain/snow)
- physics on/off show physical effects (WATCH OUT CAN LAG A SIM TO DEATH, USE WITH CARE)
- wind off/low wind effect on precipitation, uses actually wind levels in SL™, set per emitter for realism

visibility menu:
- show / hide panel: the panel is invisible and phantom, type: /1show it to make visible again.
- show / hide emitters: the emitters can be made visible to easily delete superfluouse ones or reposition them

area menu:
- multple area selection from 20x20 up to 240x240 (full sim). If using 240x240, rez in middle of sim!

access menu:
- owner: only owner can control the system
- group: everybody in same group as system can control the system
- limited: owner & group have full control, everybody else can only set weathertype
- full: everybody can control the system

system menu:
- restrict/allow: limit rezzing of weatherrezzers to owner or group parcel or anywhere
- random/fixed: randomly either change weather type and severity (random) or just severity (fixed) each interval
- channel: select command channel from 1 to 9
- report: report current settings
- update: check for updates
- reset reset system to default settings


/1help help notecard
/1hide hide weathersystem
/1show show weathersystem
/1report report current status/settings
/1on switch the system on
/1off switch the system off

(default channel can be changed using options->system->channel)


The weather system uses an extensive set of particle textures, it can take a while for the textures to rez, especially when switching
weather conditions. So please be a little patient.

The emitters are visible when rezzed, then turn invisible. Currently it's possible to see them by
selecting edit mode (CTRL-3), they can be moved and positioned in a different place.
In a future version, the emitters can be turned visible as an extra option in the system.
Remember, selecting a different area or height, or deactivating the system will rerezz/remove the emitters.

The weather system uses a lot of particles, especially when covering a large area. This will influence the quality
of the effect. It has been optimized for a moderately sized area (1600m2)

The thunderstorms look very realistic at night, especially when hardware lighting is enabled.



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